Kedma, the Orthodox Community at Maryland

Officially the largest Orthodox community organization on any college campus nationwide, Kedma oversees all minyanim, learning programs, and community initiatives, in addition to planning a continuous stream of social events. Priding itself on its warmth, openness, and diversity, Kedma is able to provide practically all of the necessary ingredients to further the Orthodox Jewish lifestyle within the framework of one the country’s largest public research universities.

Organizationally, Kedma is run by a nine-member executive board and two gabbaiim, with additional programatic help from the six-person Kedma Development Fellowship and assorted sub-committees. Plus, with more than 30 other Jewish student groups on campus, there is always something to get involved in and contribute to.

For more information, check out the Kedma website, or email the Board at

Orthodox Life at the University of Maryland

With over 450 students who identify with Orthodoxy, the Orthodox community at the University of Maryland has a large Orthodox community on campus. Also being one of the most active, the community boasts five daily minyanim, more than 14 weekly shiurim and learning programs, and practically daily social programming.


Shabbatot at Maryland take an otherwise amazing Orthodox experience to the next level. Friday night starts off with two Kabbalat Shabbat services: one Carlebach, one not. Students then proceed to spectacular dinners either at Hillel or in one of the many kosher apartments across campus. These meals offer everyone a chance to relax from their long weeks and just have a good time. Post-dinner, one is sure to find a number of lively onegs and tisches to be a part of. Shabbat day is simply a pleasure, what with a choice of two Shacharit minyanim, large kiddushes and lunches, special guest speaker Lunch n’ Learns, two options for Mincha, and Seudah Shelishit, followed by slow-shira-style singing. Shabbat ends with large, communal, and melodious Havdalah, allowing everyone to properly jumpstart the week to come.