Rabbi Yonaton and Avital are excited to be joining the OU-JLIC at University of Maryland in the Summer of 2016! Along with their two daughters, Navah and Tamar Meira they are excited to meet everyone! Their door is always open, and they want to be there for each and every student.They cannot wait to meet everyone, and are looking forward to a wonderful and eventful year!

Rabbi Yonaton Hirschhorn was born and raised in Neve Daniel, Israel. After high school he chose to join the Hesder program, and studied at Yeshivat Otniel and Yeshivat Bat Ayin. Yonaton joined the IDF in 2008, and served as part of the Golani Brigade. When Yonaton finished the 5 year Hesder program, he began teaching at Yeshivat Netiv Aryeh in the Old City, where he taught for three years. After teaching at Netiv Aryeh, Yonaton went on to teach at MATARA, a Jewish therapeutic boarding school for teenage boys, Bnei Chayil High School for boys, Midreshet Darkaynu, and Midreshet Moriah. For the past two years, Yonaton has been running and teaching at an evening Beit Midrash program for youth in Neve Daniel, “Mevakshei Panecha”.

Yonaton received semicha from Rav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg in the summer of 2014. He will be, G-d willing, receiving his B.Ed from Herzog Teacher’s College, with a focus on Jewish Studies.

When Yonaton is not learning or teaching Torah, he enjoys watching and analyzing movies, watching TED talks (one day he will be giving his own!), cooking gourmet dinners, and hiking the beautiful land of Israel.

Avital made Aliyah with her family at the age of 10, from Baltimore, MD to Bet Shemesh. At the age of 15, her family moved once again, this time to Neve Daniel (two minutes away from Yonaton’s parents, but they never met each other once – they were set up by their good friends!) After high school, Avital chose to do Sherut Leumi, a National Service program for religious girls. Avital worked with holocaust survivors in Jerusalem, mainly acting as a companion. The following year Avital spent her time studying at Midreshet Nishamt. Avital went on to study at Bar Ilan University, where she received her BA in Logistics and Management. While studying at Bar Ilan, Avital was the head of Anglo-life on campus, taking care of all the programming and social events. This past year, Avital has been studying at Matan, a Women’s Institute for Torah Studies in Jerusalem. In addition, she is a certified Kallah Teacher.

Avital enjoys being outdoors, taking long walks, finding interesting recipes on Pintrest, DIY projects, spending time with family and friends, and enjoying the simple things in life.

Ten days after Avital finished the last final of her degree, Yonaton and Avital’s adorable daughter, Navah Tehilla, arrived in the world! Since day one, Navah has loved to play, sing and dance, take selfies, and is a major chatterbox! In March 2016, Navah’s sweet little sister, Tamar Meira, was born. Currently, she mainly loves to eat and sleep, but also loves to smile 🙂

The entire Hirschhorn family is so excited to be coming to the University of Maryland as one of the OU-JLIC couples on campus. Our door is always open, we are here for each and every student. We cannot wait to meet everyone, and are looking forward to a wonderful and eventful year!